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Detail Oriented Service

Lawn care. Cutting. Trim. Landscape. Grass. Service. Louisville.

Grass Crafts is #1 when it comes to the details. We have several local references in Kentuckiana that cam testify to our integrity, care and love we give every customer. 

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Experienced Team

Property. Management. Family. Values. Louisville. KY.

With so many choices in the grass cutting industry, why choose Grass Crafts?

From our extremely particular clients to some that only want their property to be presentable, after you become a customer of G.C you quickly see the difference we bring. First you gain confidence after seeing how we always show up on time, comfort in knowing we always follow through in all services, and satisfaction knowing your getting all of this at a lower price than most all companies around. 

Grass Crafts gives you our very best, each & every time.

Most all customers rave about the pride we take in all the details, treating each customer as their property is our own. 

We founded this company based on our own passion, my family and I enjoy being in the yard, all year long. We are all family working together at Grass Crafts, and we make sure each of us understand the businesses best practice, informed of latest products and techniques. 

Lawn Ecosystems


Lawns are beautiful and sometimes basic, but proper lawn care can be complicated. Our knowledgeable staff will care for your lawn using tested, proven, and fully sustainable techniques.